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Line in the Sand Protest

Surfrider conducted an awesome campaign called line in the sand. We are looking at doing something similar as we develop a partnership with Surfrider.

"In 2002 Council and State Government wanted to build a 1.2km seawall using up public beach to protect private land with public money - it still makes me cross" - Tom Kirsop. Last night we had a small (COVID socially distanced) gathering to commemorate the Surfider Narrabeen Collaroy Line In The Sand victory and thank the 2 protagonists Tom Kirsop and Brendan Donohoe. Environmental campaigns are looooong, but with persistence and tenacity impossible victories can be won. #SurfriderFoundationNorthernBeaches never goes away - it's our superpower."

Surfrider volunteer Jen Davidson made this terrific video tribute. Sit back and enjoy.

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