CCC community input

On this page published by Central Coast Council, a range of links will provide you with opportunities to have your say before December 6th. Please email, register for meetings or fill out the survey if you want to help stop the wall.

Here are some questions that you could possibly ask:

- Is council bound to any position regarding the possible solution for Wamberal ie revetment, sea wall or a non-engineered solution?

- What consideration is being given to the findings of the Cost Benefit Analysis (Wamberal Beach Management Options: Cost Benefit and Distributional Analysis 2017)?

- How will council be able to finance this infrastructure. Especially given their current fiscal position.

- Do you accept that the beachfront properties being built on the dune escarpment prevent dune build up?

- Do you accept the beach amenity does not require nor has it ever required ongoing sand replenishment?

- Why did council change from preference of planned retreat to preference of a seawall. What groups were consulted during this shift?

- Do you accept that ongoing sand replenishment can not compensate for erosion caused by revetment wall? A clear example of this is Stockton beach. Moreover, do you accept the council cannot afford infrastructure with high ongoing maintenance cost that is associated with seawalls?

- Will you guarantee the beach amenity will not be reduced by a revetment wall. That is, regardless of sand replenishment the beach will not change. The State Environmental Planning Policy (2018) and Coastal Management Act (2016) says you can not carry out an act that leads to the loss of beach amenity. Will the council adhere to and act within the bounds of the act and SEPP?


Coastal management act:

- Will Central Central Council be acting in accordance with the 6 principles of the Coastal Zone Management Plan (2017). More importantly, will it prioritise public expenditure for public benefit (principle 5) and base decisions in the best available information (principle 3).

- Will the Council conduct a full independent Environmental Impact Assessment for the proposed revetment wall. This will ensure the environmental impact of the councils decision is minimised.

- Will the nsw government be ensuring great value when funding infrastructure developments on Wamberal in accordance with. If so, will they follow the cost benefit analysis from Marsden Jacob?


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