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CCC Community Consultation Report

Central Coast Council have just released another lacklustre report on community consultation regarding the seawall.

Within this report claims were made that there is “encouragement for the construction of the seawall.” A group representing 3,000+ community members that do not want a seawall we don’t understand how this statement was developed!!

The survey provided showed 90% of people had a good or very good experience at Wamberal prior to the storm events. Post storm event and post seawall only 18% did!! Is this not an indication that the community does not support the emergency works or any future works?

There were 435 seperate comments made to the survey. Main issues raised within these seperate comments were; loss of beach (15%), seawall problems (8.3%), natural solutions (7.1%), development (7.3%) and retreat (8.5%). That is around 50% or 200 comments raising issues with the proposed solution. Yet, the community encourage the introduction of a seawall.

Come on Central Coast Council. Is this a joke to you? The ambiguous, lacklustre, deceiving claims of council regarding the community’s sentiments for the seawall is appalling. It is Baffling how they came to their conclusions! There is nowhere in the survey which even mentions a seawall!! They didn’t take notes at the info sessions.

Why don’t we get to vote on all possible options and go from there. Why do homeowners and council make the decision? Either way, it seems Council are fudging the numbers and concealing truth again. They do what they want, not what the community wants!!

#sos #noseawallforwamberal #wamberalbeachsos #saveoursand #sun #surf #erosion #politics


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