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What is Wamberal Beach SOS? 

Wamberal Beach SOS is a group of over 3,000 Wamberal residents that are fighting to save their local beach.


The group was formed following the introduction of an emergency ad-hoc rock revetment wall at Wamberal. Recognising that there was a serious erosion issue at hand, members of the local community banded together to research what possible solutions were possible for the beach. 


During the groups preliminary research, locals questioned what council, the state government and home owners were doing to ensure a representative, effective and safe solution was introduced at the beach.

In a short period of time it was made clear that proceedings at Wamberal were skewed toward the agenda of a Seawall being introduced. Such a solution would benefit private homeowners regardless of the cost to the community. 

So for the last 18 months, Wamberal Beach SOS have been fighting to get a range of diverse solutions put onto the table and not the one single solution in the form of a Seawall. By researching and studying a range of solutions and not just the single one, Wamberal Beach SOS believe the beach, home owners and the wider community will be better off in the long run. 


Wamberal Beach SOS is about doing the right thing for our beach and our community. 

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What Impact Will A Seawall Have?

On a natural foreshore, there is a slight angle which extends up from the water towards the land. This is due to the ocean washing in and sand depositing on the existing sand. As the shoreline gets higher the water can no longer push its way up and as a result, the beach width increases. If you place a hard structure at the end of the oceans deposition path you create a reflective effect. Instead of the ocean depositing sand, a 'backwash effect' is created and the sand is taken back towards the ocean. Sand no longer deposits as far up the beach, thus reducing overall width of the beach until it disappears.


Wamberal Beach Save Our Sand wants what is best for the homeowners, the beach and the wider community. We believe the best way to achieve this outcome is utilising thorough and proper research into all possible solutions. 


In turn, the group would like to see options of sand nourishment, planned reatreat and dune revegetation put back onto the table.


Wamberal Beach SOS is a group made up of Wamberal locals that use the beach ona  daily basis. The group feel vehemently for the beach and would hate to see anything happen to it!! 

We would love to get in touch with you. Here is how you can reach us:

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